Reflections on the Last Month

So I managed to blog every day in November with varying degrees of quality. So what did I learn? First, while writing every day might be a good idea, blogging every does not seem to be great. I felt quite burnt out by the end as evidenced by some of my latter posts. Second, while blogging every day does force me to avoid procrastination through excess preparation, it also means that ideas that require some more time to develop don’t get that. I don’t have a solution to resolve this tension, but it’s something I should think about. Third, I think I want to transition to talking about mathematics strictly on this blog. This was difficult to attempt in the previous month, since writing every day was difficult even without restricting the subject matter. It seems that the readers agree, since more views came from mathematical posts.

So what’s in store for this blog? I can’t make any promises, but here’s some plans.

  1. Progress on research. I still haven’t published my approximate diagonalization paper. I have some hopes of doing some further research along these lines, and as I get some insight I hope to write about it.
  2. Math education (broadly defined). I hope to (at least privately) write some lecture notes for possible future use or for hypothetical classes, since I am currently unemployed. I may also discuss either actual math education research or some popular mathematical videos or other media.
  3. Math in Plain English. I might try revisiting my own attempts at writing about mathematics for people without a technical bent. My original motivation for this series is gone, but it might be worthwhile, nonetheless.
  4. Mathematical reading. I’d like to read some mathematical texts, including some classics. I have a large backlog, so hopefully I’ll develop some thoughts while reading and might make some insights.
  5. The use of categories in analysis. I made a small post about this, but I think there’s some untapped potential here that I want to understand. Of course, there’s a lot that already done which I need to get caught up on.

Thank you for reading this past month. If all goes well, I hope to see you again soon.


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