Starting in the Middle

This was a challenge. Unintentional, of course. Since the creators of television shows made the assumption that you know things you don’t, it’s up to you to try to figure things out. And this is exciting, because every interaction and every plot point becomes a clue for understanding the pieces that you missed. Some shows make it easier than others. But it’s never completely trivial.

It reminds me of life actually. We are thrown in the middle of things without a clear context for understanding what’s going on. We have to make assumptions and try to deduce the nature of things despite the fact that everyone else seems to know something that we do not. Slowly as the story develops, we begin to understand more of what’s going on and what we missed out on. We might have to revise our original thoughts. So this experience of mine was like a metaphor for life.

Due to the nature of television and mistaking unlabeled disks, I’ve had the experience of starting a television show from the middle at many points in time. Despite this always being a rather strange mistake, I’ve grown to appreciate these experience. (Though I don’t do so intentionally.) There’s something exciting about not knowing the context about what’s going on and having to puzzle it out.


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