Chairs Keeping Breaking on Me

Today during class, a chair broke underneath me. The cushion was loose and I fell on my rear. Incidentally this reminded me that this has happened at least twice before. Once in elementary school, a bench broke while some friends and I were sitting on it. Then in my first year of undergraduate study, when I was getting to Spanish class, my seat broke in what I thought was going to be a rather embarrassing moment. It turns out the seat was already broken and propped up to look like it was normal. One of my colleagues jokingly called out the teacher for letting me sit there. Is this a normal phenomenon? Are chairs more fragile than I assumed? At this point, it would be a bit characteristic of me to some navel-gazing and suggest an analogy of how chairs breaking is sort of like the insecurity of our foundational assumptions, or something.

In a bit more serious news, Qiaochu Yuan, the original inspiration for me to do MaBloWriMo is calling the November project quits. Of course, his actually mathematical blog requires much more work than my ramblings about chairs, so his decision is perfectly reasonable. My much less ambitious project of writing posts of this quality has me exhausted and tapped. So when I read that he called it in, I felt tempted to do the same. Of course the difference in quality alone makes me feel like I’m just being a whiny baby. But there is something to be said of not posting poor quality posts for the sake of posting every day. But I will continue, because I’ve used “quality” as an excuse not to update this blog for nearly a year. So I’m afraid the internet will have to tolerate a bit more of my rambling for at least half a month more.


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