raindrop in the ocean

So over the past week, I attended the Canadian Operator Symposium in the University of Victoria. It was my first time at this sort of event, and I enjoyed myself. The experience was exciting and invigorating. I felt inspired to hear from experienced mathematicians and to learn about what’s currently happening in this part of mathematics. Everything seemed to come alive and become fresh and new.

Before, I felt frustrated. I had done so little and the work I’m suppose to be doing seems aimless. I don’t have a good grasp of what’s going on and have no idea how I’m suppose to figure it out. Both mathematically and logistically.

I have no clearer idea of that now, but perhaps the best thing that I got out of the experience is that I’m part of something beyond myself. The things that I am doing, or rather, should be doing, are of interest and importance to a community of people. It might not be of enormous interest and others might be able to do what I’m suppose to do with far more ease, but I’m to do what I can and this makes me part of that community.


One Response to raindrop in the ocean

  1. John Baez says:

    Yes, it’s a lot more fun doing math when you get to know a bunch of people working on similar questions. This is one reason I like blogging on the n-Category Cafe: there’s a bunch of us trading ideas and making progress as a kind of team.

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